Publishing your book with Emerald

In September, Emerald published the first title in our Great Debates in Education series. Teaching Excellence in Higher Education, edited by Amanda French and Matt O’Leary, was launched at BERA in September 2017. I took the opportunity to start a conversation with Mandy about her experience of publishing a book with us, and this post is a result of that – carried out over a series of emails!


•         How did your initial contact with Emerald come about?

“Kim Chadwick (Emerald’s Commissioning Editor for Education) got in touch with me through my fellow Special Interest Group (SIG) convenor after BERA 2016, and said she was interested in publishing a book based on our sessions on the Teaching Excellence Framework. She came down to see Matt and I at Birmingham City University, and she was very helpful and receptive to our initial ideas. She gave us a lot of freedom to find contributors for the volume, and the fact that she trusted our judgement certainly gave us a lot of confidence.”

You can “meet” all the Emerald commissioning team here. We are happy to hear from you with an idea or a proposal for a book.


•         How was the proposal and review process handled? 

“Once we had found contributors, we put together a full proposal for our book. This included a clear idea of the title, a summary of the contents, a more detailed table of contents and some information on the market and the competition. “

You can find details on how to put together a book proposal for Emerald here.

“We sent the proposal off to Kim, and everything went really smoothly and progressed quickly.  She sent the proposal out for review and took it to an Emerald publishing meeting. She subsequently fed back their positive response, and some useful suggestions from the reviewers that we could then work with to improve our initial proposal.”

Find out how our peer review process works.


•         Did you receive support while you were writing/ editing – i.e prior to submission of the finished manuscript?

“Yes, we kept in touch with Kim throughout the process, by email mainly, but we also met up again too. We were able to ask questions and take advice throughout the writing process, we always felt supported.”

Click here for some clear online advice on writing and preparing your manuscript.


•         What about the period from submission of the manuscript to your book going into production and through the production process?

“Even when we’d submitted our manuscript Kim kept in touch with us, to let us know how things were progressing. In addition, the rest of the Emerald team, in content management and editorial, were always very responsive and efficient. We always felt we knew what was happening, and the production process was efficient and accurate – but also very quick, which was great.”

Click here for a more detailed explanation of what happens when your book goes into production with us.


•         Is there anything that stands out about your experience with Emerald compared to other publishers you’ve worked with?

“Yes, I would say the speed, the friendliness and the efficiency - an excellent combination!”


If you’d like to publish with us, or discuss a proposal further, then why not get in touch with one of our experienced books team. We hope we can make you as happy as we made Mandy and Matt.


Kathy Atkinson
Author Engagement Manager, Emerald Books