Publishing expert to hold 100th Guide to Getting Published workshop

Simon Linacre, Emerald Publishing’s Head of Business, Management & Economics Journals, will be giving his 100th Guide to Getting Published (GGP) in the Main Library at the University of Manchester, 11am, Wednesday 16 May.

Manchester University


Emerald Publishing’s Guide to Getting Published (GGP) is based on our experience of working with the editors of more than 300 journals, and provides insight to help new or potential authors give their papers the best possible chance of acceptance and publication.

Given by publishing expert Simon Linacre, the event is part of our commitment to actively supporting our authors – existing and future – and is aimed at helping authors progress successfully through the various stages, from pre-submission of the manuscript, to revision and, finally, publication.

The GGP is important because:

  • It encourages early career researchers to publish, and assist university research coordinators in this respect;
  • It allows us to discuss emerging issues in publishing and research with more experienced groups;
  • It supports efforts to bridge the gap between the practical and academic worlds, and shows prospective authors from commercial and public sector organizations how to get published – often introducing them to the whole publishing process.

Ultimately, the aim is to inspire attendees to believe they could now write a paper based on their research and practice.

The GGP is based on the theme "A guide to writing and publishing research". This includes:

  • background information on Emerald
  • what being published means to an author
  • the people (editors, their advisors and reviewers, publishers and authors themselves) involved throughout the process
  • advice for authors on preparing and submitting articles
  • the review process in detail
  • understanding journal rankings
  • how to promote research

See Emerald's "How to... guides" for authors for practical tips and guidance, including how to get your work published and maximize its dissemination.

Simon Linacre.Simon Linacre is Head of Business, Management & Economics Journals for Emerald Publishing. He has been with Emerald for over 14 years, and has presented on Publishing to academic audiences all over the world. In his time at Emerald, he has developed expertise in journal acquisitions, business development, journal rankings and Open Access. He has had his academic work on bibliometrics and the impact of research published, and holds Masters degrees in Philosophy and International Business.