Great exploration day with some of our editor community

Well, what a fascinating day that was!

Editor day.Some of the Emerald team joined a cross-section of Emerald journal editors in London on Thursday 18 May, for an Editor Forum. 

As well as celebrating Emerald’s 50th anniversary, the event represented an opportunity to explore topics including the changing journals landscape, Open Access, publishing process hurdles, ways of working, future developments, research dissemination, rankings, and the impact agenda.

We like to closely engage with our communities to help deliver services, products and ways of working that they really value. User insight and feedback from events like these involving our community of journal editors and authors is key to helping deliver an ever-improving journals programme.

As a publisher that nurtures fresh thinking, our journals programme is all about transforming how high quality research is created, shared and discovered. All of which are critical, if editors and authors are to reach beyond the scholarly community, and make a broader impact in the real world.  

Emerald Publishing Director, Tony Roche, introduced the day by explaining what it is we hoped we might collectively achieve from this gathering of minds, and asking the editors present to be open about the opportunities and challenges facing them, with the mind-set that we can work together for the benefit of everyone involved in the journal publishing process.Editor day.

In what was designed to be an open forum, our Head of Journals Publishing, Meloney Bartlett, then took editors through our journals programme strategy, some recent achievements, areas in development, and how we compare with other publishers in our markets.

Questions from the floor in this interactive session inspired debate in the room on ‘big picture’ topics like Brexit and Open Access, and how they might impact on the scholarly publishing environment.

This exploration day had been pitched as an experimental day for open discussion, interaction and idea-sharing. The workshop that came next, facilitated by Emerald Innovation Manager Kat Palmer, was very much up that street, tasking teams with coming up with new ideas and solutions to challenges around journal marketing, author communications, and author processes.

The teams took to the tasks with gusto, identifying and sharing some of the challenges they face, and coming up with some intriguing concepts to tackle them.

Editor day.After a well-deserved break for refreshments, Emerald’s Head of Business & Management Journals Publishing, Simon Linacre - having earlier used a football (or soccer, as you might know it!) analogy to explain differences between some of the newly introduced rankings - delivered a session on bibliometrics and the impact agenda.

Having offered some insight in to how Emerald is driving thought leadership around impact and impact literacy, Simon asked for those in the room to share some of their own thoughts around best practice for citation maximization, identifying citation/high usage potential, new forms of publishing, and how to support open research innovations.

Over the past 20 years, technology has allowed publishers and researchers to truly work and collaborate with global communities. That in itself produces its own opportunities and challenges.

Recognizing that continued success requires the adoption of new approaches and new ways of doing things to meet the changing needs of editors, authors and reviewers, Simon Bell – Emerald’s Head of Author Engagement – highlighted some of the existing and new author services available. This led on to some of the work we’re undertaking with partners like research disseminEditor day.ation service Kudos and Peerwith, the platform matching academics seeking support for their work with experts who can help with language, visuals, and other services. Charlie Rapple and Joris van Rossum from these respective partners were on hand to demonstrate the value they can bring to editors and the publishing process.

The event closed with Tony Roche summarizing the day, and a real shared sense that a great deal had been – and will continue to be – achieved by working together in an open, positive and transparent day towards common goals.   We are keen to continue the discussions from the day and, by way of next steps, the team will be sharing a summary of the day, including a video montage, with Emerald’s journal editor community around the world.