Our Story


A message from Group Chairman Dr Keith Howard OBE

Image: Keith Howard.When the business was founded in 1967, few would have imagined that we would have the opportunity 50 years later to introduce the successful story of a global publisher.

While we didn't know what the company would look like today, we did have a firm belief that what we were doing would enable the body of management research to grow and make a practical impact. Looking back across the years as one business has grown into a wider group, now covering a diverse range of subjects, content types and services, I can take immense pride in what we have achieved.

As I look to our future as an independent family business, I have great faith in the talents of our leadership and people in enabling the research, education and practitioner communities to accomplish their aims.

Reaching this anniversary is the combined achievement of many who have worked for and alongside Emerald over the years, including of course those who write, read and use the research we publish. I take great pleasure in this opportunity to thank them all for their part in our continuing story.

To celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2017 you can access groundbreaking articles and hear more about our story. Come and celebrate 50 years of bringing research to life at emeraldat50.com

Signature: Keith Howard.